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Garn Goch CIC

Take Your Own Guided Tour

You can book a private guided tour for 1 to 12 people for any day between April and October, subject to the availability of a guide, and weather conditions on the day.

The tour typically takes upto 90 minutes, but can be shorter or longer depending very much on what your party wants to hear, see and discuss.

Prices per adult are from £12 with upto 2 children under 12 going free for each paying adult. Maximum group size (paying or unpaying) is 12.

For larger groups, or for dates between November and March, please email and outline your requirements.

To book, please follow the instructions below (sorry it's all a bit clunky!).

1. Copy the form below.

2. Paste it into an email.

3. Fill it in.

4. Email it to:

We will respond usually within 24 hours to confirm your booking, and to arrange payment.

Name of Contact



First name, then surname

Email address


Party leader

Mobile number


Country code if not UK number

Number of people


Aged 12 and over. Maximum 2 children under 12 per paying adult.




Day, month, year. April to October



Start time between 11.00 and 16.00

Total Cost


1 person: £30

2-5: £15 each

6-12: £12 each


If we cancel (usually because of weather conditions), you can get all your money back, or can rebook.

If you cancel with 3 or more days' notice, you get a 75% refund. If you cancel 2 or less days before you get a 25% refund.

If you don't cancel and/or don't turn up, you get no refund.

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