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Garn Goch CIC

About Garn Goch CIC is owned and managed by Garn Goch CIC, a not-for-profit Community Interest Company Limited By Guarantee. 

It is a not-for-profit company dedicated to the research and appropriate development of Garn Goch to increase our understanding of prehistoric Wales, and to encourage and facilitate tourism, so as to benefit the local community socially and economically.


1.    To generate awareness of Garn Goch as a significant prehistoric site based on the proposition that it is The Largest Ancient Stone Monument In Britain, primarily through this dedicated website:

2.    To generate support from appropriate organisations and the general public for scientific research and archaeological excavations to produce robust evidence about the prehistory of Garn Goch.

3.    To provide visitor-oriented information, services and facilities, primarily through developing Bethlehem as The Gateway To Garn Goch, subject to the active support of residents.

4.    To benefit the local community by providing paid employment, creating an online and on-site market place for locally produced goods, and enhancing social engagement as well as by generating revenues from activities, and donations from visitors, that will be used to benefit the local community generally, and specific deserving and appropriate causes, organisations, families and individuals within the terms of the Articles of Association, and as a CICLBG.


The company was established, and is currently managed, by Bethlehem resident Martin Price. His relevant experience includes an MA Medieval History, extensive tourism management and marketing expertise, and strategic business development consultancy for companies including Channel Four, Ford, Honda, Microsoft, Swatch Group and Virgin Group as well as numerous small, owner-managed businesses. 


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