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Garn Goch CIC

Fact Six: Garn Goch’s cairn was built first, but the surrounding stones soon followed.

Google measurements convincingly connect the lay out of the stones to the cairn. Here’s how. 

The Golden Ratio – often called the Golden Mean, or the divine proportion – is at its simplest – and not quite mathematically correct – a one third, two thirds ratio. 

If you really want to know – and you probably don’t – it’s when the long side divided by the short side equals the whole length divided by the long side.

Anyway, the pyramids were designed and built applying the Golden Ratio as were parts of Stonehenge. Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, and Le Corbusier’s 20th century architecture were also designed by the Golden Ratio. So was Garn Goch.

When you measure the distance from the centre of the long cairn to the west wall it’s 234 metres, and from the centre to the east wall is 468 metres. That’s the Golden Ratio.

So the extent of the surrounding stones was planned in relation to the cairn, and to an ancient and religious formula.

It means the long cairn came first, but the stones were laid when it still had great religious significance – so definitely during the Neolithic.

Now, we don’t know why the long cairn was so significant, or who was buried under it, but it's sheer size argues that it was a major Neolithic location as Fact Seven explains.

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